Lake Tahoe Opal Pendant Charm, Fire Opal Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Heart Jewelry Charm Pendant

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Tahoe Charm
Lake Tahoe Opal Pendant
Lake Tahoe Opal Pendant
Lake Tahoe Opal Pendant blue
Lake Tahoe Pendant
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Lab-Created Opal Tahoe Double Flat with Heart Shape Hole in the Middle, Tahoe Heart Pendant, Blue Lake Tahoe Charm, Lake Tahoe Silhouette, Tahoe Charm, Opal Lab Created charm.


  •  Available in Light Blue Color.
  •  Authentic Lab-Created Opal.
  • Pendant Size: 9x15mm (approx.) 2.5mm thick
  • Holes: 1.15 mm Side to Side Hole approx. (full drill)
  • The listing is for 1 piece.
  • Wholesale discounts available.
  • Packaged and shipped from the USA.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Note:                                                                                                                            A finished chain necklace doesn't fit the charm, the closed ring at the chain's end is bigger than the hole in the opal.
    It's necessary to do jewelry work on it in order to put the two items together.      Do you need a chain for this charm?

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