Lab Created Opals Wholesale

Discover a wide variety of lab created opals shapes and colors for your jewelry making needs with wholesale discounts

Our lab created opals, also known as synthetic or man-made, are high-quality and authentic composed of 80% silica and 20% resin which is similar to the composition of natural opals.

These opals are grown in a laboratory for about a year to achieve great similarity in properties as to those belonging to natural opals, they have a lot of fire and show many different colors under the light. This type of opal is more durable than the natural kind.

Authentic Synthetic Opal Charm Shapes

These opal charm shapes can be used for crafting many different jewelry designs allowing to showcase their special color vibrancy and beauty.

Craft Beautiful Jewelry Designs

Synthetic opals are trendy in the fashion jewelry scene. Its unique sparkles and "fire" make it a perfect material to craft and design all kind of jewelry pieces.  

Wholesale Discounts and Fast Shipping

We have special wholesale bulk discounts for all opal shapes. Also, all orders made before 1:00 pm ET are shipped the same business day; enjoying fast delivery inside the United States

Some of our lab created opals charm shapes

Opal Moon Charm Pendant

Opal Moon Charm

Sun Opal Pendant

Created Opal Sun Charm

Opal Butterfly Charm

Butterfly Opal Charm Shape

Opal Hearts Pendants

Opal Hearts Charm

Opal Hamsa Charms

Hamsa Hand Opal Shapes

Elephant Charms in Opal

Elephant Shaped Opals